Marketing-Centric Experts

What’s in a Name?

It’s simple. We’re The Marketing Center. Marketing is what we do. It’s what we’ve done for more than 20 years. And we want to help you market your company – professionally and effectively.

Founded in 1991 in New Orleans, we started out as a niche agency focusing on disability law practices. And we’re proud to say we revolutionized marketing for disability lawyers all across America. Now, our agency represents clients in well over 100 cities across the U.S. – evidence of how effective our work is and how reasonable of an investment.

When it comes to marketing, we use a mix of high-quality television, results-driven media planning and buying, effective SEO tactics and quality lead-driven websites. We’ve learned this mix gives you a better mix of high-quality marketing products at a lower cost.

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At The Marketing Center, we focus on making sure your company comes across as professionally as possible on camera. Whether using our studios in New Orleans or shooting on location, we offer a variety of settings to suit your company’s needs and styles. In fact, our TV services are so renowned, clients regularly fly in from around the country to shoot commercials with us.

Aside from the TV production, when you sign up with us for television advertising, you’ll work with professional media buyers who work on a national level. By working with national television rep firms, you gain a higher level of services and lowered cost per impression.

If your ads aren’t working for you, let us put our production team and media buying teams to work planning your next campaign and implementing a cost-effective timeline.


Effective interactive marketing isn’t as simple as building a website. Our services focus on Search Engine Optimization, branded websites and Search Engine Marketing.


Your customers should be able to find your company online easily and quickly. Our team of search experts will perform an in-depth audit of your current site, resulting in a detailed analysis of your website’s current ranking and what steps can be taken to improve its result. Our goal is to get you high-performing results within the natural search results page and increase your website’s qualified traffic and search rank.

Branded Websites

A highly functional, SEO-optimized website is a must in today’s marketing world. Using responsive design, keyword integration and a consistent branded look across all your marketing, our team can build a website for your company that gets immediate results.


In today’s world of Google, Bing and Yahoo!, helping customers find you requires more than just a website with good SEO practices. Paid search and target banner ads go a long way towards making your company stand out. Our SEM services are highly data-driven, utilizing years of advertising analysis, resulting in the lowest cost-per-click for you.


The term branding comes from the iconic American cowboy who would brand his cattle to let everyone know this was not just cattle – this was his cattle. It’s no different with today’s products and services.

Your brand establishes a perception of quality and consistency. Your brand identity should be featured in all of your consumer touchpoints – from your business cards to your website to your TV commercials.

In marketing, branding is critical. Without a strong brand, it’s impossible for customers to evaluate your company and products.

If you need help building your brand from the ground up, want to strengthen your company’s brand or want a complete revamp of your brand, contact us to get started.

Quality Marketing Experts Focused on Getting
You Results

We pride ourselves on three brand pillars that set us apart from other marketing and advertising agencies:


We want your company to be successful. To measure that success, we use real-time data to give you an exact picture of what your marketing campaign achieves. In fact, we have data analysts on our team to measure your TV and online results 24/7. These analysts make sure your money is spent as efficiently and effectively as possible.


We’re perfectionists and we aren’t happy unless we deliver the highest quality of work to your company no matter the medium.


We always want to learn new things, but in our 20 years of operation, we’ve become experts in marketing – from TV to branding to the Internet. No matter your industry or company background, let us use our proven techniques to get you results.